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During our work we have tried various methods of project managing. Basing on our experience we framed our own approach, the most comfortable for both client and us.

In each project we can distinguish the following stages:

  1. Gathering and analyzing the information
  2. Information design
  3. Visual Design
  4. Production
  5. Start

Solution for particular marketing objectives

We believe that the more concrete is the task, the easier it is to find the optimum solution. We create websites that can solve well-defined business objectives of the client - informing the visitors about the company and its goods, online trade, feedback with clients, etc.


We have been creating web systems for years with the help of the most up-to-date tools. Such experience allowed us to invent our own content management system - ErgoCMS. It is developed in a way that the client can update the content unassistedly, efficiently and without difficulties.

We can also develop a website, applying out of the box Content Management Systems by exterior manufacturers, such as 1C Bitrix, Drupal, Wordpress, etc.

User-oriented design

While working out of the design of a website, we do not focus on its attractiveness, but rather on logic and intuitive navigation: from harmony and clarity the beauty comes by itself. We believe that design should not be oriented on the client's preferences, but on the convenience of his consumers.

Effective interaction with the client

A competent system of documentation and questioning allow us to interact with clients effectively at any stage of the project. We do not run to such extremes as "customer is always right" or "developer knows better what to do." We believe in power of experience and convictions. If we are more experienced in an issue, we will stand our ground. If it comes to the field of client's competence of the client, we become all ears.

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Moscow, 114256, Russia
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Simferopol, 295000, Russia
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