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We gathered for one project in autumn 2002. By spring 2003 we realized that our approach to work is likable to customers and we should found a studio.

We are workshop of web-solutions. We have realized about 100 successful projects for companies with different spheres of activities from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, and USA. We are a regular team of specialists, capable of development of almost any website.

We focus on the client, rather than on the number of projects. We will never take a new project, if there is a risk of harming the current ones. When you order a website, we become a sort of your internal web design department. We try to live off the interests of your company. We have analogous approach to domestic projects that live on the web as full-grown business and media projects.

The cost of the services is calculated on the basis of international system of rates (labor hourly rates) and negotiated before a project starts. It means that the cost of the project depends on its complexity. .

The experience and cohesiveness allow us to reduce labor costs, and hence final cost of the project. It will be more expensive to order a website in other companies of the same level.

Project Management

Being a part of a media holding, we specialize in creating and managing web-projects, starting from concept and up to effective promotion on the market.

At the stage of planning, it is important to set clear objectives for the project. We determine how soon we can gain real effective results spending as little labour and financial resources as possible. It is also essential for us to provide the degree of risks and difficulties that a project may face. Only if the goals are set correctly, and resources and risks are estimated adequately, the project can be successful.

Web-projects we manage:

Services of any mentioned project can be ordered from our studio with a discount.

Thus, we have all essential human and technical resources for complex management of advertising projects, including creating of an idea and forming market strategy, website development, support and SEO optimization, professional photoshooting, creating of a presentation or printed materials, arranging work of professional models in advertising campaigns and on expositional project, etc.

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+7 (925) 801 90 77

18 Kosmonavtov Street, building 2
Moscow, 114256, Russia
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+7 (978) 758 01 08

1 Karl Marx Street
Simferopol, 295000, Russia
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