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We're back

18/11/13 03:00

After three years of work on internal projects and partner's start-ups, we're back in web-development business. We will be glad to collaborate!

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Website of International auteur cinema festival "Kino-Likbez"

20/04/11 15:20

Our studio became a partner of the annual international festival of auteur cinema "Kino-Likbez", which takes place under the auspices of Altai State University, the "Likbez" almanac and "Altaycinemacentre" in Barnaul. A presentation website was developed for the festival.

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Our studio is eight years old today

15/03/11 12:54

And we have birthday today! Our company was founded exactly 8 years ago. We heartily congratulate our entire team and the founders of the company on this auspicious occasion. We wish ourselves that our hard work brought us worthy fruits!

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Integration of your website with social networks

14/03/11 20:38

Social networks have become an integral part of our life. According to experts, an active and competent presence in social networks can increase sales of goods and services by 20-30%. Our studio offers a range of services for integration of web-resources with popular social networks.

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Congratulations on the International Women Day

08/03/11 18:45

The stronger part of our studio congratulates all the beautiful, kind, intelligent, caring, charming, patient, hardworking, neat, funny, romantic, charming, business, ambitious, serious, stylish, interesting, unusual, natural, sensual, emotional women on the March 8! If someone has been forgotten, we congratulate them too :)

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Congratulations on Defender of the Motherland Day

23/02/11 16:04

Today in Russia we have a wonderful holiday originated from the soviet times. We have International Women's Day and no Men's day. That is why Defender of the Motherland Day is celebrated by all men as their professional day. It is quite right, they could defend the Motherland if they had to. We hope they never would.

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New corporate page at famous Russian social network

21/02/11 19:56

In our activities on social media marketing (SMM), we focus mostly on Facebook and Twitter. However, we decided to use the new service "Public Pages" of the most popular social network of Russian-speaking segment of the Internet - vkontakte.ru (actually, they borrowed the idea from FB).

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The only thing that can make us confide in humankind is...

18/02/11 18:40

100% prepayment :) To our deepest regret, we must admit that since our studio had been founded, we repeatedly ran into a wall of misunderstanding on the part of the Crimean customers. In connection with this fact we have decided to change the order of settlements with clients from the Crimea.

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Launch of promo-website for "Embedded Day"

14/02/11 19:54

An official site of IV-th Annual Conference on Embedded Systems appeared on the Internet. The conference is dedicated to Microsoft Windows Embedded technolgies. The website was developed on the design, provided by the client - our loyal customer, a leader of Russian IT-market "Quarta Technologies".

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We quit supporting Internet Explorer 6 in web design

01/02/11 13:55

Since 2011 we do not orient on peculiariries of Internet Explorer 6 when developing websites. The browser is 10 years and it does not support current standards for web-based technologies. In addition, IE6 is potentially dangerous, so we recommend our customers to upgrade their browsers, if they have not done so yet.

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